For some questions about printing tapes, there are several possibilities

For some questions about printing tapes, there are the following possibilities:
The reason why the tape is usually yellow is because of the effects of aging. 3M tape, whether it is an adhesive or a substrate, has undergone rigorous experimental evaluation and has very good aging resistance.
First, the tape you use is anti-counterfeiting printing tape. The purpose of degumming is to prevent counterfeiting.
Second, the adhesive tape you use has problems in production quality, and the adhesive itself is easy to degumming.
Thirty-three, the colloid has deteriorated
After it is dry, can the screen printing ink be stuck with tape, that is, the ink is stained on the tape. I just found a printed matter. You can use a tape to stick an outer layer of ink to the tape. What kind of ink is this and how is it printed? Although the ink layer is not thick, the hiding power is very good, at least much better than that of offset printing, but the adhesion is fair.