Advantages of PUR hot melt adhesive

Advantages of PUR hot melt adhesive
Water-based pressure-sensitive adhesive does not contain any organic solvents, and the solid content is 100%, which is green and environmentally friendly;
Moisture curing, no drying process, fast energy saving;
Excellent initial strength and cross-linking curing function, the final bonding strength is higher;
Excellent heat resistance, water resistance, chemical resistance, durability, etc .;
Single component type, easy to industrial automation, mechanized operation, high production efficiency.
PUR hot melt adhesive has the following advantages compared with EVA hot melt adhesive, water-based and solvent-based adhesives:
Solvent-free, one-liquid type. Unlike solvent-based adhesives, which require a drying process, there is no environmental pollution and poisoning problems due to solvents, which meets environmental protection requirements. The bonding process is simple and can use sizing methods such as roller coating or spraying.
Good operability. The two adherends can be fixed in a short time, so the assembly can be quickly transferred to the next processing process, which improves the work efficiency.
Excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, water vapor resistance, chemical resistance and solvent resistance. Compared with the original hot-melt adhesive, due to the cross-linked structure of the reactive hot-melt adhesive, the listed properties and adhesive strength are greatly improved.