The role and precautions of water-based pressure-sensitive adhesive

The role of water-based pressure-sensitive adhesive:
1. Water-based pressure-sensitive adhesive has higher peeling force, higher peeling strength, good initial adhesion and retention.
2, all kinds of color masterbatch have good compatibility.
3. Bonding of touch screen, remote control button operation, metal film button. TV, microwave oven, video recorder, air conditioner, washing machine and other household appliances.
4, superior peeling performance, strong cohesion of the adhesive film.
5. Water-based emulsion, non-toxic and non-combustible.
6, single component, easy to use.
7. Fast drying speed.
8. Good storage stability, mechanical stability and frost resistance; excellent impact resistance; good thixotropy; good aging resistance.
Note: It is suitable for bonding between foam, metal, wood, composite board, paper and other materials; it is also suitable for bonding automotive interior decoration parts such as ceilings, door inner panels, and trunk rear shelf decorative fabrics. Strong adhesion, no corrosion; cured film is flexible and transparent; good abrasion resistance and weather resistance; non-toxic and pollution-free.
Notes for water-based pressure-sensitive adhesives:
1. Dilute with deionized water.
2. Touch the skin and wash with water or soap.
3. At normal temperature (25 ~ 30 ℃), the adhesive force of the glue reaches the maximum after 24 hours, and it can be tested. At low temperatures, the glue dries for a long time. The test time should be postponed according to the actual situation, or heated and baked as much as possible after the sizing (temperature is 35 to 45 ℃) to ensure the performance of the glue.
4. Not suitable for bonding materials: PE, PP, soft salted plastic, fluororesin, silicone resin; iron, copper and other rust-resistant metals without anti-rust treatment on the surface.