How to use water-based pressure-sensitive adhesive

Nantong Jinwang Adhesive Products Co., Ltd. always adheres to product quality as its lifeline, continuously increases product technology investment, and strengthens quality supervision. Its "crystal brand" adhesive tape, printing tape, kraft paper adhesive tape, foam adhesive Belts, masking tapes, double-sided tapes, and other series of products are of high quality, ranking the forefront of similar products, and reaching or exceeding national quality standards. They are widely recognized and welcomed by customers. Exported to South Korea, Japan and other countries. Today Nantong Jinwang Adhesive Products Co., Ltd. tells you how to use water-based pressure-sensitive adhesives:
1. Clean the dirt (such as dust, water, oil and other stains) on the surface to be bonded before use.
2. Apply water-based pressure-sensitive adhesive to the adhesive surface by screen printing, and the thickness should be greater than 40 microns, and wait for it to dry. (With 80 mesh stainless steel wire mesh)
3. Until the colloid is transparent and completely dry. (Drying in an adjustable blast oven at 60 ° C for 20 minutes)
4. After completely drying, quickly adhere the bonding surfaces to each other or protect them with release paper.
5. After bonding the bonding surfaces to each other, apply a certain pressure to ensure that they have a good bonding effect.
6. Close the lid after using the water-based pressure-sensitive adhesive.
7. Clean the used wire mesh, brushes and clips with warm water before the water-based pressure-sensitive adhesive is cured.
Note: Both manual sizing and sizing equipment can be used, as well as screen printing.