What is the information on the printing tape?

What information is printed on the printing tape? Many people do n’t understand, now I will explain to you, 1. Materials similar to paint 2. Nylon ink
How to print on transparent tape? First print on a4 paper. Then stick the tape on, of course, on the side with the words. It ’s best to print with laser. Then, wash the paper tape with water and remove the paper. Then you can see the text printed on the tape. Let me talk about the characteristics of printing tape. Generally used for the packaging and binding of various carton boxes, which is more conducive to the company's publicity and can play an advertising role. Traditional printing tape color types are bright, beige, ocher, red, green and other types, and according to different customer needs, can also be customized for different types and styles of tape.
Because printing tape has better tensile resistance, strong adhesion, non-toxic and environmental protection, it is a low-cost type of tape. Compared with other general types of tape, printing tape has the following characteristics: strong adhesion
字 The printing tape made by a special method has a high resistance to high temperature, chemical corrosion, ultraviolet light and moisture. And can be customized according to the base color of packaging materials, special color printing tape, so that the beauty of the packaging items are not affected.
Because various types of corporate information can be printed on this type of tape, the application area of ​​the mall is wider than that of ordinary tape.