Nantong Jinwang Adhesive Products Co., Ltd.

Nantong Jinwang Adhesive Products Co., Ltd. has advanced technology and mechanical equipment, as well as professional talents. It has independent R & D and design capabilities, and can technically meet and support customers. Our company produces all products from thin to thick through SGS, UL and other third-party product certification. Our company's thermal silica gel has thermal conductivity, shock resistance, sound absorption, thermal conductivity, insulation, suitable for installation and reusable. Mainly engaged in ultra-thin die-cutting processing, strong double-sided tape, high-temperature double-sided tape, conductive double-sided tape, thermally conductive double-sided tape, double-sided tape, anti-theft tape, non-slip, shock-proof tape, light-shielding tape, reflective tape, protective film, fiber Tape, spray tape, cowhide tape, mara tape, electrical tape, acetate tape, fingerprint tape, retaining tape, sealing tape, sealing tape, self-adhesive, all kinds of insulation, high temperature resistance, UL certified special-shaped materials, Glue, Teflon high temperature tape, high temperature masking tape, polyimide high temperature tape, thermal insulation tape, copper foil, aluminum foil conductive tape, antistatic tape, security tape, waterproof tape, printing tape, etc. Reliable product quality.