Use and popularity of the product itself

The so-called water-based pressure-sensitive adhesive is a type different from traditional solvent-based pressure-sensitive adhesives. It has the advantages of traditional products and extends its own field of use. What are the reasons for the feasibility of glue?
The so-called feasibility is nothing more than the use and popularity of the product itself, then we have seen this in reality. Pressure-sensitive adhesives are known as stickers because they have both dry and long-lasting adhesion. "It's easy to stick, it's not difficult to peel it off, and it doesn't hurt to peel it off." This is exactly the comment on its advantages.
Water-based pressure-sensitive adhesives can be used in various forms, such as directly applying it to kraft paper tape made of paper, BOPP tape made of stretch polypropylene, non-woven tape made of fabric, etc This all illustrates its feasibility.
Of course, water-based pressure-sensitive adhesives also have advantages. For example, it has high cohesion and peeling force. It can cooperate with various types of color masterbatch. It is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-polluting, non-combustible and non-combustible. The product operation is very safe, and you can get outstanding benefits without too much capital, so it has become a good project for everyone to get rich.