Two-component polysulfide sealant

Most of the currently used sealants are silicone sealants. Silicone sealants have good UV resistance and stable chemical properties. It has good compatibility with the silicone structural sealant and is widely used in weatherproof sealing of building curtain walls. Silicone sealants are divided into: weatherproof sealants for curtain walls, ordinary silicone sealants, sealants for stone curtain walls, sealants for aluminum panels and aluminum composite panels, and weatherproof sealants for daylighting ceilings. With the rapid development of the building curtain wall industry, special sealants for slab glass and special sealants for curtain wall have also stood out. All kinds of special sealants are selected from the special glues designed by the manufacturers, with reliable and stable performance. It should be a weatherproof seal product for curtain wall such as aluminum plate and stone. Designers can also choose the right product from silicone sealants. Semi-finished mother roll
Two-component polyurethane sealant has large mechanical strength, good adhesion, good elasticity, and better performance than polysulfide sealant, and is mostly used in tunnel and subway engineering.
The fiber tape has excellent abrasion resistance and moisture resistance, strong breaking strength, and the unique pressure-sensitive adhesive layer has excellent long-term adhesion and special properties. It will not lose its adhesiveness when it encounters water like ordinary tape. , It can be used in a humid environment, and the effect will not be bad, so it is very versatile.
Main features: It has extremely strong breaking strength, excellent abrasion resistance and moisture resistance. The unique pressure-sensitive adhesive layer has excellent long-lasting adhesion and special properties, which can meet various uses. It can be used to repair wall cracks and wall surface damage. This is also a special feature of fiber tape. Because its raw material is PET material, it has the effect of repairing the wall. At the same time, it also has a good The moisture-proof effect can be used to seal things, and we don't have to worry about the sealed things getting wet because of the long time.