Application range of water-based pressure-sensitive adhesive products

The special water-based pressure-sensitive adhesive for album inner pages has high cost performance, moderate initial adhesion and holding power, and is specially used for making inner pages of self-adhesive albums.
High-strength water-based pressure-sensitive adhesive has a peeling strength of about twice that of ordinary pressure-sensitive adhesives, and is specially used for the production of pressure-sensitive products that require high peeling strength.
Water-based pressure-sensitive adhesive acrylate polymer for self-adhesive paper. It has good release paper coating performance, excellent initial adhesion and holding power. It is specially used to release paper after coating and drying. Production of the transfer method process.
The water-based pressure-sensitive adhesive is an acrylic polymer based on a variety of special monomers and is polymerized by a special polymerization process. Water-based pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes have good leveling properties, excellent holding force and holding force, and high peeling strength, and are suitable for the production of various types of tapes.
Pressure-sensitive adhesive is an important independent branch in the field of adhesives. Due to its dry tack, it is also customarily called pressure-sensitive adhesive as a sticker. Its characteristics are "easy to stick, not difficult to peel off, peeling without damage." Pressure-sensitive adhesives have developed rapidly because of their convenient use and wide range of uses. The growth rate at home and abroad in recent years has been above 10%. With the increasingly perfect environmental protection requirements and social regulations, pressure-sensitive adhesives have also changed from solvent-based to water-based. The market and application prospects of water-based pressure-sensitive adhesives are very hot.
Water-based pressure-sensitive adhesives and their products are widely used, most of which are coated with paper (such as kraft paper tape), stretch polypropylene (such as BOPP tape), polyethylene and other plastics (such as PVC tape) , Fabric (such as non-woven fabric), metal foil, etc. made of pressure-sensitive adhesive tape, commonly known as self-adhesive tape or scotch tape, used for bundling and fixing, packaging sealing, anti-corrosion and rust, partial shielding, spray paint protection, splicing materials, Office supplies, artwork modification, temporary sticking, surface protection, etc. Can also be used for glass, plastic, paper, wood and other goods for label sticking and smoother ceramic, stainless steel and iron label bonding, etc.